Cradle Investment Program Catalyst (CIP 500) – Seed

Name of Fund Cradle Investment Program Catalyst (CIP 500) – Seed
Ministry Ministry of Finance (MOF)
Agency Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle)
Sector 1. Agriculture and Forestry
2. Engineering and Technology
3. Information, Computer and Communication Technology (ICT)
4. Medical and Health Sciences
5. Natural Sciences
Sub Sector 1. Plantation Crops and Commodities
2. Applied Sciences and Technologies, Energy Security, Transport and Urbanisation
3. Cybersecurity, Information, Computer and Communication Technology (ICT)
4. Medical and Healthcare
5. Biodiversity, Chemical Sciences, Environment and Climate Change, Environmental Sciences, Physical Sciences, Water Security
Fund Objective CIP 500 was introduced as a specific measure to bridge the existing seed/commercialisation funding gap (i.e. the lack of seed stage grant, equity and debt funding) in the Malaysian technology funding ecosystem.
Description Scope CIP 500 provides budding Malaysian companies with the necessary funds, support and skills required to support commercialisation. With the introduction of CIP 500, Cradle aims to maintain Malaysia’s innovation momentum in the changing landscape of entrepreneurship based on strong commercialisation focus, and create companies that are sizeable, sustainable or venture capitalist (VC)-fundable. CIP 500 recipients are also given a 12-month period to complete the development of the relevant processes that will enable them to attain commercialisation.
Quantum Of Funding RM 500,000
Phase Commercialisation
Eligibility • At least 51% of the company’s equity is held by Malaysians;
• The company is in operations for less than three years;
• The company’s total revenue is not more than RM5 million in its total financial history;
• The company owns the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of the product or service which is intended for commercialisation;
• The company already has a prototype which only requires another 8% to 10% product refinement work to meet market and industry expectations or demands.
Telephone No 03-2166 4730
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