Malaysian Commercialisation Year Summit 2023

Supercharge Your Way to Impact

4 March - 8 June
Connexion, Bangsar South


Explore our exhibition showcasing the success of commercialisation in products, technologies, and services born out of dedicated Research, Development, Commercialisation and Innovation (R,D,C&I) efforts by Universities, Institutions, and Local Research Agencies.

Discover the importance and economic prospects of innovation and entrepreneurship, driving towards enhanced national income.

Join us in commemorating the accomplishments of local researchers and entrepreneurs who have successfully commercialised their R&D products and technology services in both local and international markets. Let's celebrate their innovation and global impact together!

Activating the potential of globally-responsible engineers and innovators that harness the power of engineering by pioneering new technologies to catalyse ideas into solutions and push for a change.


Event Agenda

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